Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Why I Believe Time Travel is Impossible/Never used [Continuation]

Around 10 months ago I posted why I believe time travel is impossible.
Today I have a continuation to the blog post, with more reasons, and answers to questions that would have refuted the blog post. If you haven't already seen the original post I would highly recommend you click here!


What if humans became extinct before we discovered time travel?
That does show that my theory on time traveling being impossible is incorrect, so yes, it may be possible but we never used. That is why I decided to add /Never used to the title of the blog post!

What if time travel was made forbidden by the government because it was too dangerous?
This also shows that my theory on time traveling being impossible is incorrect. So, once again, it could be possible, but humans didn't use it ever. That is also why I changed the title of the blog post!

More questions

If you have any other questions about this post, or have reasons why you think my theory is incorrect, please leave a comment on this post or on the previous post.

Thanks you for reading this updated post on why I believe time travel is impossible!

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

My opinion on what Windows 10 should change before people use it

Part 1: Inconsistency

  • Right click menus are very inconsistent and some of them are really badly designed (for example the desktop menu and some menus that look like Windows 8). Even though this has been worked on it is still nearly just as inconsistent and I believe they should change this.
  • Property windows and other windows from 20th century (eg: regedit) do not blend in with Windows 10. Users on tablet may find these applications difficult to use, and they are very inconsistent when used on Windows 10. I think they really need to change this sometime, maybe on the next major update.
  • All settings windows should be on the settings app, instead of having the little extra bits of text (More network settings...) and then opening a Control Panel window. The control panel windows will be quite hard to use for tablet users, and is another example of the second point.
  • Tabs inconsistent across different applications, like the applications on the second point. A great, nice fix I think would be to make tabs have a little more padding and make them look nice like the Office 2016 design. They would then blend in properly with Windows 10, and also wont be hard for tablet users to use them.
  • Windows 10 sometimes still uses the old windows 8 designs, which have no reason to be there and should be changed. For example a lot of squares/rectangles (eg: menus) still use the Windows 8 thick black border. Example 1: Settings App -> System -> Notifications and Actions. Click one of the "Choose your quick icons" squares and you can see the ugly big black thick border. Example 2: Select a file -> right click -> open with -> Choose another app.
  • Icons are inconsistent and pure ugly. The metro apps have a random square background which fits on the start menu but not on the taskbar. This does seem to be worked on though. Normal apps have normal icons. All new applications and folder icons are trying to be made flat, but the recycle bin is an ugly 3d version of flat, and the new This PC looks like windows 95!!
  • Start menu: At least windows 8 had nice animations on the start menu. But the Windows 10 one is really bad! It also has a lot of different animations from the rest of Windows 10. Also I remember the windows 8 start menu design was also used in windows 8 apps, for example the windows 8 store app. The store app had the same live tiles design used in the start menu. This has been changed in Windows 10 and every app has a separate design, which seems to be re-coded in for each app instead of using the same design! They all seem to be different.

Part 2: Settings

  • Appearance: In my opinion you should be able to make the light/dark theme and colors different across different areas of windows, eg: taskbar, start menu etc. A feature like this was back when Windows 2000 was out and earlier, and slightly on Windows XP.
  • Appearance: There is absolutely NO WAY of switching back to windows classic theme, themes are also no longer available! This should not be the case.
  • Privacy: There should definitely be more privacy settings available on Windows because all over the internet people are saying there is not enough privacy settings, but there is a few small tricky fixes available.
  • Privacy: Windows keeps track of everything you do...! This needs to be changed!
  • Control panel: In later updates Windows 10 will remove the Control Panel which will have loads of compatibility problems, mainly with drivers that store their format in a '.cpl' format which is meant for Control Panel. Also the new Settings App removes tons of features/settings that could previously be customized! Needs to be fixed!
  • Other: Still having the option to have auto login with a Microsoft account when it doesn't work should be removed.

Part 3: Bugs

  • When clicking on the start menu, sometimes searching doesn't work and this needs to be fixed.
  • There shouldn't be duplicate accounts showing up on login screen after auto-login if Microsoft Account has been added to main account.
  • Auto login does not work anymore and brings you to the login screen with duplicate accounts mentioned on the second point.
  • The message "Your outlook account settings are out of date" comes up when using mail app (January 2016).

Part 4: Installation

  • Does not ask to name computer!
  • Does not ask to setup workgroup!
  • Does not ask to set timezone!
  • Previous points should be included.

Part 5: Appearance

  • Start menu is not great at all!
  • Even though they slightly brought back the traditional start menu from windows 7 it still lacks a lot of features and puts useless things in your face!
  • The right side of the start menu is putting useless apps in your face that you are probably never going to use if you are not a touch user.
  • The bottom left of the start menu could have been moved to the right one on PC to give more space for the most used section. You can NO longer pin applications to the start menu, that should definitely be changed!
  • It is now 'All Apps' instead of 'All Programs'. There is thousands of useless apps installed on your computer which spams the 'All Apps' menu. This is annoying when you want to find traditional desktop applications! Also for example, you cannot find paint in section 'P'. Instead you have to find the 'Windows Accessories' folder and then find paint in there. That can be really annoying.
  • The white 'title bar' is such a poor looking design. There is no gradient or actual design to it like in windows 7. Even windows 2000 had a better title bar than this.
  • The 'title bar' minimize and maximize button hover colors should match the windows color specified in the Settings app.
  • The 'title bar' close button when hovered, has a really annoying red color which hurts your eyes. Maybe something darker?
  • The 'title bar' buttons should have a different color from the 'title bar' color itself like older windows versions.
  • Windows 8 icons are still used in file explorer and other applications.
  • They should not have nice windows apps, when the normal desktop apps have a complete different look. Since windows do not care about normal apps anymore which desktop users still use, the inputs, buttons, menu bars and icons do not blend in one bit and have a really ugly design on Windows 10.
  • Only ONE customization color across the entire operating system. In my opinion this should be changed!

Part 6: Other

  • When the search menu is open and Cortana is disabled, there should not be a message telling you to try Cortana when she is not available in your region! Or.. atleast when you click on the advertisement it should not tell you that you can enable it after changing things in the settings app, but instead should tell you immediately that it isn't available instead of waiting until later to tell you.
  • The login screen is hideous! It is completely different from the rest of windows and is slow at loading up. The inputs and buttons are completely inconsistent from the rest of windows! I think this should be changes A.S.A.P!
  • Windows 10 lacks a lot of backwards compatibility. If they remove backwards compatibility features they could make windows a lot more secure, but no, they want to keep them, even though it doesn't make a difference!
These ideas may be fixed/changed at some point, so if there is one that is changed it would be very appreciated if you comment the change/fix to me and I can strike it out.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Delicious Chicken Midnight Toast Recipe!

You will need (per serving):

  • 2 slices of bread.
  • 5ml vegetable oil.
  • A bit of butter
  • A bit of non-strong mustard
  • 2-3 slices of cheese.
  • 3 pieces of cooked chicken pieces.

  1. Turn on pan to full temperature
  2. Heat oil until sizzling
  3. Fit the two slices of bread into the oil in the pan
  4. Add the chicken to the pan, somewhere where there is space.
  5. Flip the bread after 15-30 seconds, sometime when the bread is crisp golden!
  6. When bread is flipped, add cheese to pan.
  7. After 15 seconds put cheese on a plate.
  8. When bread is completely crisp golden (around 15-30 seconds), pick up and put on plate.
  9. Quickly spread mustard all over the right slice of bread.
  10. Then quickly add the cheese, and then the chicken to the left slice of bread.
  11. Put the right slice on top of the left slice.
  12. Spread some butter on top as quick as you can, so the heat will melt it. (If you feel like it you can do this step in the frying pan.)
Optional Toppings:
  • Lettuce
  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mushrooms


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Devilluminati confirmed!

Devilluminati confirmed:

The 24th time 666 appears in pie is at a location that has three 6's! (The devil number)
The 24th time 24 appears in pie is at location 2246.
Out of those digits, do 2+2+6-4 and you get 6. (The devil number)
Devilluminati confirmed!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Creating color images out of black and white ones.

One of the comedies I really like is "Laurel and Hardy" from the 1920's onward.
The pictures of "Laurel and Hardy" are in black and white so I decided to try make a color version of it. I looked up on the internet on how to change colors on and it was very simple and self-explanatory. Since I completed the picture, I was really happy with the job I did on it and decided to do a few more.

Here are a few I've done:
Original black and white version

Color version. To get some of the correct colors (for example the hat) I had to look at color photos of them.
Original black and white version

Color version. I basically guessed the colors. 

Original black and white version

Color version. Blue sky and green grass has been added.

Original black and white version

Color version. I used brown for most of the books.

If you'd like a YouTube tutorial on adding color to black and white photos click this link.
Simply create a layer above the black and white layer. Set its transparency between 100 and 200, normally 125 works best and change the layer type to overlay or color (so far I only used overlay). Then color in the objects using the paint brush.

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

How to play War+ Card Game

How to play the "War+" Card Game:

Age: 5+
Players: 2 only
Deck size: 54 or 52 cards
Setup: Deal all cards between the two players

Goal: Be the first player to have all 52 cards

How to play:
One player starts by putting down the top card of his/her deck. You are not allowed to look at the card until it's down. Then the other player puts down a card and the one with the highest score wins. Each round the score resets.
Note: Each time a card is put down the card score is added to the players score.
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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Why n⁰ = 1

This is why I think anything⁰ = 1
Just another way that seems to work and make sense.

x⁴ = 256
x³ = 64
x³ is also = x⁴/x
x² = 16
x² is also = x³/x
x¹ = 4
x¹ is also = x²/x

So according to what worked above ^^, I will assume it will work for 0 too:
x⁰ = x¹/x = 4/4 = 1

Try this out with any number, and it should work.
If the number is below 0 it will give -1.

Information links:
I found this out myself and posted it to
Afterwards I got proof from here:

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Why 0! = 1

Why 0 Factorial (0!) is equal to 1

5! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120
4! = 4*3*2*1 = 24

4! is also = 5! / 5, because 4! has all in 5! but the five, so simply divide by five. Now let's continue a bit more..

3! = 4!/4 = 6
3! = 3*2*1 = 6
2! = 3!/3 = 2
2! = 2*1 = 2
1! = 2!/2 = 1
1! = 1 = 1

Now if you look at 0!, this is the reason it is equal to 1..

0! = 1!/1 which is 1/1, which is 1
therefore 0! is 1

You can also go as far as -1! if you'd like
-1! = 0!/0 which is 1/0
-1! = undefined, infinity, etc..

Information links:
I found this out myself and posted to
I then found proof here:

Saturday, 16 May 2015

How 0.9999... = 1

Here's two proofs of why 0.9999999... is equal to 1

Proof 1:

p = 0.9999...
10p = 9.9999...
9p = 10p - p
9p = 9
p = 1

p started as 0.9999... but is now 1.

Proof 2:

1/3 = 0.333333...
2/3 = 0.666666...

1/3 + 2/3 = 1
0.333333... + 0.666666... = 0.999999...

Therefore 0.9999... = 1

Information links:
Proof 1 -
Proof 2 -

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Card Monopoly

What is this?

This is a version of monopoly but using cards, poker chips and dices. You do not need a monopoly set to play this. If you don't have poker chips just cut out some paper money with a scissors and paper.


Put down a joker(black) at the start to represent GO. Put a black card on front of it 4 times. Now put an "AS" (ace spades) on front of it, to represent chance. Put 4 black cards on the right. Now put a joker(red) to represent JACKPOT. Put 4 more cards underneath and an "AC" (ace clubs) to represent jail. Finally put 4 cards on the left for a few more buildings.
Underneath each building put a red card.

Poker chips can be different in all places so I will be using 3 types of poker chips, PC1, PC2 and PC3. On the poker chips I have it shows 10, 50 and 100 but they aren't the numbers they'll be used for. PC1 is 25, PC2 is 150, and PC3 is 400.
Each player gets 4 PC3's, 6 PC2's, and 10 PC1's. (2750).

Now that all the money is given out each player needs something to represent them, such as in monopoly theres a car etc. Examples: Use crushed toilet paper, candles, shells, small stones or pen tops. The direction of the game is from GO to chance.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

A compression for English sentences.

Just thought of this in my head...

There are around 1,025,000 words in the English language.
4 bytes can give almost 4300 times as much as this.
So using 8-bit characters, here is a way of compressing an English sentence.
Going trough every word in the English language (you could only use 2^^16 or 2^^24 of them), make every word have separate unique characters. You will be able to give way more than the amount of words in the English dictionary just 4 unique 8-bit characters each. You don't need to use the other empty bytes either, you can just use 1 character for the start (256 possibilities).
Each character has 256 possibilities but mixing the characters will give much more.
Now you can compress an English sentence by finding the word and replacing it with the unique characters.
Then just use a "#" character to seperate them, or a " " character to seperate and add a space to the sentences.
If you want most written sentences to only take up 2 characters (excluding the "#"/" ") which is over 65 thousand possibilities, just order the words and characters in the most used.
A lot of english words go over 4 letters so this should work fine.
And if you go through this entire post you will see that a lot of the words are over four letters long!

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Why I Believe Time Travel is Impossible

The future goes on forever. If time travel is possible, it's already made in the "future" as the future is forever lasting. Every smallest time in the world, in the future is the future. So if we were to invent time travel in 50 years, time travel is already made in 50 years. That means that only if time travel exists in the future, we will be able to make it. So how do why find out (The way I think makes sense)? Let's look at it the other way around. Instead of a time machine travelling back to 1950, there's a time machine in the future travelling back to our time. Since the future goes on forever (infinity) someone would have traveled back to the time of us sometime. If no-one traveled to us yet in the future no one will travel to the same time, as the future has already happened. Since no time travelling happened from the future back to us (like in the "Back to The Future" movie), it mustn't be possible.

That's my opinion on why I think time travel is impossible now, and will be impossible forever.

I have a continuation to this blog post, with more reasons, and answers to questions that would have refuted the blog post. Please click here after reading this post!

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