Sunday, 1 March 2015

Card Monopoly

What is this?

This is a version of monopoly but using cards, poker chips and dices. You do not need a monopoly set to play this. If you don't have poker chips just cut out some paper money with a scissors and paper.


Put down a joker(black) at the start to represent GO. Put a black card on front of it 4 times. Now put an "AS" (ace spades) on front of it, to represent chance. Put 4 black cards on the right. Now put a joker(red) to represent JACKPOT. Put 4 more cards underneath and an "AC" (ace clubs) to represent jail. Finally put 4 cards on the left for a few more buildings.
Underneath each building put a red card.

Poker chips can be different in all places so I will be using 3 types of poker chips, PC1, PC2 and PC3. On the poker chips I have it shows 10, 50 and 100 but they aren't the numbers they'll be used for. PC1 is 25, PC2 is 150, and PC3 is 400.
Each player gets 4 PC3's, 6 PC2's, and 10 PC1's. (2750).

Now that all the money is given out each player needs something to represent them, such as in monopoly theres a car etc. Examples: Use crushed toilet paper, candles, shells, small stones or pen tops. The direction of the game is from GO to chance.

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