Sunday, 1 March 2015

Card Monopoly

What is this?

This is a version of monopoly but using cards, poker chips and dices. You do not need a monopoly set to play this. If you don't have poker chips just cut out some paper money with a scissors and paper.


Put down a joker(black) at the start to represent GO. Put a black card on front of it 4 times. Now put an "AS" (ace spades) on front of it, to represent chance. Put 4 black cards on the right. Now put a joker(red) to represent JACKPOT. Put 4 more cards underneath and an "AC" (ace clubs) to represent jail. Finally put 4 cards on the left for a few more buildings.
Underneath each building put a red card.

Poker chips can be different in all places so I will be using 3 types of poker chips, PC1, PC2 and PC3. On the poker chips I have it shows 10, 50 and 100 but they aren't the numbers they'll be used for. PC1 is 25, PC2 is 150, and PC3 is 400.
Each player gets 4 PC3's, 6 PC2's, and 10 PC1's. (2750).

Now that all the money is given out each player needs something to represent them, such as in monopoly theres a car etc. Examples: Use crushed toilet paper, candles, shells, small stones or pen tops. The direction of the game is from GO to chance.

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Everyone has a go percentage, starting at a 100. You will see what this is for later. Right this down on a piece of paper.
If a player passes GO the get go% of go money which is 300. If they land they get double that number. If necessary round to nearest 25.
When go is passed 150 goes to jackpot from bank and when landed on 300 goes to jackpot from bank.

If someone lands on chance/jackpot/jail 25 goes to jackpot from bank.

If land on chance roll 2 dices.
1. 20+ go%
2. No jail card.
3. Go to go
4. Win jackpot
5. 200M
6. 400M
7. 50M & re-roll
8. 10+ go% & re-roll
9. Landing bypass card.
10. House
11. 2 rolls.
12. Pay a PC3 to the jackpot and bank, 1 each.

Win all jackpot money.
Bank: Put 150 back into jackpot.

Go to jail for 3 rounds, try roll a 6 to get out.
Pay 300 to jackpot to get out.

Buying buildings:
Price of building:
If spades, EXTRA = 7
If clubs, EXTRA = 4
Price: (The number on the black card + EXTRA) * 100

Calculating landing price:
If spades,
Buying price / 6
If clubs,
Buying price / 8

Tip: When building bought flip the black card to show it's bought.
Tip: I suggest writing down building info on paper.

More on the black card...
If it's Dyak, you get 10+ go%
If it's Kween, you get 15+ go%
If it's King, you get 20+ go%
If it's Ase, you get 25+ go%

What is the red card?

  • (Red card number * 5) gets added to landing money.
  • If it's Jack, you get free chance.
  • If it's Queen, you get 150+ landing money.
  • If it's King, you get 300 money, plus bank puts PC2 in jackpot.
  • If it's Ace, you launch to go.
Buying houses/apartments/LIFE.

Buying house:
Get 50% more landing money.
Costs: landing money * 2.5.
Put PC1 on building to show 1 house.

Adding another house:
Same price and you get 100% more landing money.
Put another PC1 on building to show 2 houses.

Upgrading to apartment (only spade/heart houses can get this):
Get 150% more landing money.
Costs: current landing money * 1.5
Take the PC1's away and add a PC2.

Upgrading to LIFE (only spade&heart houses can get this):
Get 250% more landing money.
Costs: current landing money * 4

Take the PC2 away and add a PC3.

When making houses/apartments/LIFE you can use PC4, PC5 and PC6 if you have them available, otherwise use PC1, PC2, PC3.

Mortgaging buildings:
A player has 2 options to mortgaging a building.
Flip the red card to mortgage the building.

Option 1:
Get 50% of building cost money.
If that money is over 1000 put 150 in jackpot, if less put 50 in jackpot. (This is out of your own money)

Option 2:
Get 100% of building cost money.
Always put 150 in jackpot.
Players can buy your house for 1.5 times the price

House money excludes houses/apartments and stuff.
Pay extra 50 to un-mortgage building..

Thats how to play the game.


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