Monday, 26 October 2015

Creating color images out of black and white ones.

One of the comedies I really like is "Laurel and Hardy" from the 1920's onward.
The pictures of "Laurel and Hardy" are in black and white so I decided to try make a color version of it. I looked up on the internet on how to change colors on and it was very simple and self-explanatory. Since I completed the picture, I was really happy with the job I did on it and decided to do a few more.

Here are a few I've done:
Original black and white version

Color version. To get some of the correct colors (for example the hat) I had to look at color photos of them.
Original black and white version

Color version. I basically guessed the colors. 

Original black and white version

Color version. Blue sky and green grass has been added.

Original black and white version

Color version. I used brown for most of the books.

If you'd like a YouTube tutorial on adding color to black and white photos click this link.
Simply create a layer above the black and white layer. Set its transparency between 100 and 200, normally 125 works best and change the layer type to overlay or color (so far I only used overlay). Then color in the objects using the paint brush.

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