Saturday, 27 February 2016

English letters with deeper equivalents + python program

Hello, everyone.
Did you ever notice that some letters in the english alphabet sound similar to others.
For example 'f' and 'v', 'd' and 't' or 'p' or 'b'.
It seems 'd' is a deeper sound for 't',
and 'b' is a deeper sound for 'p'

It also seems like the ones that aren't deep (using the examples above) make you spit more when you talk. For example, say 'p' and then 'b'. You will notice that you spit a bit when you say 'p'. Same goes with 't'/'d' and 'f'/'v'.

Anyway, I decided to create a simple python program, where you can input some text. When the program is run it will changes the normal ones to its deeper equivalents, and the deeper ones to its normal equivalents.

If you'd like a download please visit this link:

I have decided to do that with the above text, and have pasted the result below.


Hello, efewyone.
Dit you efew nodige dad zome leddewz in de encliz albaped zount zimilaw do odewz.
Fow examble 'v' ant 'f', 't' ant 'd' ow 'b' ow 'p'.
Id zeemz 't' iz a teebew zount vow 'd',
ant 'p' iz a teebew zount vow 'b'

Id alzo zeemz like de onez dad awen'd teeb (uzinc de examblez apofe) make you zbid mowe ren you dalk. Fow examble, zay 'b' ant den 'p'. You rill nodige dad you zbid a pid ren you zay 'b'. Same coez rid 'd'/'t' ant 'v'/'f'.

Anyray, I tegitet do gweade a zimble bydon bwocwam, rewe you gan inbud zome dexd. Wen de bwocwam iz wun id rill gancez de nowmal onez do idz teebew equifalendz, ant de teebew onez do idz nowmal equifalendz.

Iv you't like a tornloat bleaze fizid diz link: ddb://rrr.metiaviwe.gom/tornloat/2qwti253kakag3i/

I afe tegitet do to dad rid de apofe dexd, ant afe bazdet de wezuld apofe.

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